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Purple is a royal color, and the Purple Punch strain is the queen of indica hybrids. Purple punch is a delicious and potent strain that is perfect for any season. It packs a punch with its sweet grape and berry flavors, and its high THC content makes it a favorite among experienced smokers.

When you need to unwind, a few puffs of purple punch may be all you need. Purple Punch hit hard and fast, leaving your head and body feeling floaty and relaxed.

Not only is Purple Punch relaxing and therapeutic, but it’s also relatively easy to grow. This guide will show you the crucial things you need to know to get started growing Purple Punch strain yourself.

Where Does the Purple Punch Strain Come From?

Purple Punch was brought into our lives by the seed bank Supernova Gardens, and this potent bud offers a burst of flavor with effects that you’ll crave repeatedly. This Californian beauty was created through the union of two veteran Indica-dominant strains, Larry OG and the potent Granddaddy Purple. 

These two strains combined to create the delicious and potent Purple Punch cannabis strain. It was wise to cross the two legends, as this indica-dominant strain brings out the best in both of her parents. Individuals seeking equally potent mind and body effects should try this bud.

When Did the Purple Punch Strain Come Out?

 Supernova Gardens was hesitant to share their valuable cut with so many growers; they intended to keep it protected and share it exclusively with individuals they could completely trust. During a trip to Southern California in 2013, Supernova Gardens shared Purple Punch with several people, including a grower named Budologist.

Despite being selected in 2013, it was only a few seasons ago that this plant gained widespread popularity and commercial recognition, heralding a new era of “Punch.” It has been gaining strength for some time, building itself in the best dispensaries and cannabis clubs in most locations worldwide. 

With the creators’ consent, Purple Punch has spread more and more. It is available in the gardens of both growers and breeders and used as a parent in many exceptional crosses.

What Does the Purple Punch Strain Look Like?

Purple punch looks like it could pack a punch! Purple punch is a vibrant and colorful weed strain that will catch your eye. It is likely the most photogenic cannabis strain ever; it has the classic cannabis appearance. 

The leaves are broad with a deep purple hue and a hint of blue, making them attractive to the eye. They are completely covered in trichomes and have bright yellow, orange pistils. The buds are dense and sticky, and the leaves are greenish-purple.

What Does the Purple Punch Strain Taste Like?

If you wouldn’t like sweet buds, this one will probably be too much for you. If you are, you will enjoy Purple Punch’s tantalizing taste. 

It burns with a fizzy grape candy and blueberry muffins flavor, which is ideal if you don’t like the pungent smell of weed. You will also feel the taste as you inhale. 

A bittersweet taste lingers on your tongue just after a single puff, and sweetness builds on the exhale. In addition to grape candy and blueberry muffins, Purple Punch may have aromatic orange or tart kool-aid notes.

What Does the Purple Punch Strain Smell Like?

Purple Punch has one of the sweetest and most distinct cannabis aromas. It has a complex blend of fragrances, sweet and fruity. Many people also compare the scent of Purple Punch, grape candy, blueberry muffins, and purple kool-aid.

The strain becomes even sweeter when the flowers are broken up. It has complex grape and berry notes, hints of spiced pineapple and blueberries, and earthy undertones.

However, it also has faint herbal notes and the distinctive scent of fresh dirt. These smells combine to create a bouquet that can only be described as heavenly.

Is the Purple Punch Strain an Indica or Sativa?

Purple Punch, a descendant of indica and indica-dominant strains, is an indica-dominant hybrid with 80% indica genetics and 20% Sativa Genetics. It yields you an incredible body high. Purple Punch’s indica characteristics make it a pleasurable and soothing smoke.

Purple Punch, on the other hand, does not only produce indica effects. Its genetic composition of 20% Sativa adds a bit of stimulation to the high. This transforms what would otherwise be a sedative high into one that is accentuated by an energizing and euphoric effect.

How Much THC in the Purple Punch Strain?

After extensive breeding and laboratory testing, Purple Punch was discovered to have THC levels of around 25%. An extraordinarily high level of the psychoactive molecule contributes significantly to an instant high. 

Purple Punch has more than average potency when compared to several other strains. Although the strain’s THC content may seem low to some consumers, its potency is intriguing. 

Purple Punch is a fast-kicker; you’ll feel a powerful punch within 2-3 minutes. Even better, its effects are longer lasting than those of other strains. Customers claim to benefit from its soothing comfort for up to 8-9 hours.

How Much CBD in the Purple Punch Strain?

A general estimate would be that Purple Punch has approximately 1-2% CBD. CBD is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. It is one of many cannabinoids, molecules that act on cannabinoid receptors in cells that alter neurotransmitter release in the brain. CBD has no known psychoactive effects. 

There is evidence that CBD may have anti-anxiety, anti-seizure, and anti-inflammatory properties. CBD helps treat certain medical conditions. When smoked in cannabis, CBD alongside THC can help to relieve pain, anxiety, and inflammation.

What Effects Does the Purple Punch Strain Have?

Purple Punch’s high starts strong, with a robust cerebral stimulation hitting you just behind the eyes. It easily lifts your spirit, causing you to perceive yourself like a balloon floating into the heavens. As you ascend, physically and metaphorically, bodily effects will take effect, balancing things out with a heavy state of sedation.

You’ll experience intense mental stimulation, which will buzz from your temples down through your spine to your limbs, causing you to feel loose, relaxed, and floaty. The sedative effect is noticeable; new users may quickly drift asleep if they take an extra blow.

What Conditions is the Purple Punch Strain Good For?

Purple punch is an excellent recreational option for those who prefer more sleep and calming effects. Euphoric and uplifting sensations, on the other hand, complement and buffer these effects.

Purple Punch is also an excellent medical strain. Its sedative, soothing, and calming high is ideal for stress relief, pain, low mood, sleeping problems, and aches and pains.

Furthermore, it is incredibly effective for anxiety, depression, and insomnia. You may first feel its effects behind your eyes before it plunges your spine to your fingertips, torso, and lower body, freeing you from the claws of cumulative stress, anxiety, or discomfort.

Note that novice smokers may struggle to consume this strain and become overwhelmed. Purple Punch is best suited to seasoned smokers with a high tolerance.

What is the Purple Punch Strain‘s Flowering Time?

Purple Punch is a pretty fast finisher for an indica-dominant hybrid. She usually finishes a little earlier than some of the other indica-dominant hybrids. So, if you are looking for a quick-finishing indica-dominant hybrid, Purple Punch might be the girl for you!

The flowering time of Purple Punch is around 8-9 weeks. However, environmental conditions (such as temperature and light) can affect flowering time. This rapid flowering stage allows commercial growers to increase harvest cycles.

Purple Punch is a versatile strain that can handle various environmental conditions. However, it is best to provide the Purple Punch plants with optimal conditions for the best results and timely flowering and harvesting.

How Tall Does the Purple Punch Strain Grow?

Purple Punch plants grow to approximately four or five feet tall due to their Indica dominance. Throughout the growth cycle, it remains relatively small and stocky. Purple Punch plants, like most Indicas, are thick and bushy.

This makes it ideal for indoor growth, where it can perform admirably even in small spaces. This site also appeals to growers looking for plants that do not reach extremely tall, easily noticeable heights. This is a great option when you want to keep your operation low-key.

When to Harvest the Purple Punch Strain?

Wait until after the stated flowering time before harvesting your plants. The Purple Punch strain is ready for harvest in about 8-9 weeks.

The harvesting process is very straightforward. It generally involves cutting down the plant, drying the leaves and flowers, and trimming the plant material from the stem. After the plant material is dry, it can be smoked, vaporized, or used to make edibles.

Check trichomes with a magnifying glass to know when the plants are ready for harvest. When harvesting this strain, it is essential to wait until the trichomes are 50% milky white and 50% amber before commencing the harvesting process.

The Purple Punch will be more sedative if the trichomes are mostly amber. The Purple Punch will be more energizing if the trichomes are mostly clear.

How Much Does the Purple Punch Strain Yield?

Purple Punch is a high-yielding strain, especially when grown indoors with the proper growth conditions. Indoor growers can expect a generous yield of 21 ounces per square meter. However, experienced growers can produce up to 10 ounces per plant. 

The type of growth medium, growth conditions throughout the growing period, and other factors will affect the final yield. Some growers report harvesting as much as a pound per plant, but this is rare. In good, experienced hands, the dry weight yield is more than adequate, reaching 500g per square meter.

Growers should start with high-quality seeds or clones, use quality grow lights in their grow rooms, and take care of the general plant health to maximize their yields. With the right growth conditions, you are sure to boast pleasant yields. 

Purple Punch Strain Summary

The Purple Punch strain is a cross between the Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG strains. This indica-dominant hybrid has a high THC content and is known for its relaxing and euphoric effects, deep purple color, and sweet grape and berry flavor. 

The Purple Punch strain is a good choice for experienced smokers looking for a powerful high. This strain is not recommended for beginners due to its potent effects. Purple Punch is popular among medical marijuana patients due to its medicinal properties and ability to treat various conditions.

When grown properly, the Purple Punch strain can produce large yields of high-quality buds. This strain is relatively easy to grow and is a good choice for those looking for a quick and intense high. 

Purple Punch is perfect for anyone looking for a powerful punch of relaxation without being knocked out completely. Its unique flavor and aroma make it a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs, and its high yield potential makes it a great choice for growers. You can enjoy a bountiful harvest of purple punch strains with a little care.

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