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The Sundae Driver strain is a unique hybrid with many effects, making it an excellent choice for recreational and medical cannabis users. 

This article will examine the Sundae Driver strain, including its genetics, effects, aroma, and more. We’ll also explore how this strain can help with various medical conditions. 

Whether you’re a cannabis beginner or an experienced user, we think you’ll find this article helpful. So, if you’re thinking of adding this delicious strain to your cannabis garden, read on!

Where Does the Sundae Driver Strain Come From?

Gifted growers and breeders created the Sundae Driver strain in Colorado, the Cannarado Genetics. It was created by crossing Grape Pie and FPOG, which have distinctive sweet and fruity terpene profiles and are well-known in the cannabis market. This enigmatic blend has created a well-balanced hybrid that works equally well at home as it does on the road.

It is called Sundae because it is what cannabis users call a dessert strain, or bud prized for its delectable flavor. Sundae Driver is named for the way it makes people feel on a lazy, peaceful Sunday afternoon or evening.

When Did the Sundae Driver Strain Come Out?

According to widespread online consensus, Sundae Driver was created in 2018. This timeframe makes sense because it probably took a few years to perfect this highly sought-after Colorado dessert strain.

Sundae Driver entered the west coast marijuana industry three years after Colorado legalized marijuana in 2015. Since being chosen as one of the best strains of 2018 by High Times magazine readers and taking home a High Times Cannabis Cup Award, Sundae Driver has gained much popularity.

True seeds are not often easy to get, despite Sundae Driver products being very easy to locate in retailers.

What Does the Sundae Driver Strain Look Like?

This strain has dense, aesthetically pleasing buds that are as attractive to the eye as they are to the nose. The vivid orange pistils on Sundae Driver’s stunning olive green buds add color to the gorgeous plant.

The buds are so nearly reminiscent of real berries coated with powdered sugar. Sundae Driver develops a thick layer of fluffy white trichomes when grown, dried, and cured correctly. While buying this strain, make sure the trichome visibility is apparent. This strain frequently exhibits shades of different colors, such as red, purple, and blue, which is an obvious indication of its genetic heritage.

What Does the Sundae Driver Strain Taste Like?

Sundae Driver’s flavor is a natural outcome of its parent strains. Rich chocolate and sweet and tart fruit combine to make a pleasant mix, and there is just a slight bit of earthiness to balance off the flavors and fragrances, making for an intriguing combination.

Some report that when they feel the taste of vanilla when they inhale Sundae Driver smoke. Each whiff feels creamy and soft on the tongue before gently touching your throat and entering your lungs.

You can enjoy the sweet Sundae experience by keeping the smoke in your mouth. The aroma on exhale is reminiscent of a berry cobbler, hitting deep tones of cinnamon balanced with fruit flavors. On top of the berries you detect at first sniff, the sweet tastes are more profound.

What Does the Sundae Driver Strain Smell Like?

Like the Grape Pie strain, the smell is primarily grape for most people. But the fruity tones are considerably stronger because you can smell blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and other dark berries.

You might detect faint hints of tropical aromas from the Fruity Pebbles parent company in addition to the berry flavor. Although you can smell these delicious flavors, the strain has a rich, sweet, fruity aftertaste.

When opening a pack of Sundae Driver, most people smell intense berry flavors, but the lingering aroma suggests a different ingredient. This strain’s lingering scent evolves into a delightful vanilla scent, much like a delicious candle or ice cream!

Is the Sundae Driver Strain an Indica or Sativa?

Sundae Driver has both Indica and Sativa characteristics. This strain is one of the rare true 50/50 hybrids.

Wikileaf explains that the name 50/50, or half and half, refers to the strain’s perfect mix of Indica and Sativa properties. It provides just the appropriate amount of Indica-effects to keep your limbs flexible and your vibe intact and just enough Sativa-effects to ignite your creativity and uplift your mood.

Depending on the strain and your body chemistry, 50/50 hybrids will offer a high that balances peaceful relaxation and an energizing mood boost.

How Strong is the Sundae Driver Strain?

The Sundae Drive strain is a moderate-strength strain with a balanced blend of indica and Sativa effects. It is a great strain for novice and experienced users, delivering a strong, long-lasting high without overpowering.

It is a perfect strain for novice users who want to experience the effects of cannabis without feeling overwhelmed. It is also suitable for experienced users who want a strain that won’t overpower them. 

While more seasoned users can enjoy smoking this bud freely, novice users can start cautiously with her and time their high to begin in the latter part of the day. No matter your plans for the day, its blend of superb flavors and balanced effects usually ticks all the boxes.

How Much THC in the Sundae Drive Strain?

The Sundae Driver flower normally has a THC level of 20%, although it can range from 15% to 24%, depending on where you buy Sundae Driver products. Naturally, a strain’s cannabinoid profile will vary depending on where it is grown.

Check the proportion of your batch before consuming because THC levels can fluctuate. Unlike other potent strains on the market, this one won’t transport you to another galaxy. This relatively moderate THC level can produce the desired effects when taken properly.

How Much CBD in the Sundae Driver Strain?

According to GHouse, when buying Sundae Driver in dispensaries, most customers report a CBD content of 0%, always less than 1% if it goes above zero. This strain is considered to be a low-CBD strain, meaning that it has a low concentration of CBD compared to other cannabinoids present. 

Because of this, Sundae Drive may be particularly beneficial for people looking for a strain that contains minimal CBD but average THC. 

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants that has gained popularity in recent years due to its potential therapeutic effects. It is thought to have a wide range of potential health benefits, such as reducing inflammation, relieving pain and anxiety, and even treating certain types of epilepsy.

What is the Terpene Profile of the Sundae Drive Strain?

The Sundae Driver strain features a unique terpene profile. It is known for its terpene profile, dominated by the terpene caryophyllene. 

Caryophyllene is a terpene with a sweet and spicy aroma found in many herbs and spices, such as black pepper and cloves. This terpene is known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, helping to reduce pain and inflammation.

In addition to caryophyllene, the Sundae Driver strain contains high levels of the terpenes linalool and limonene. Linalool is a terpene with a floral, citrus scent found in lavender, rosemary, and geranium oils.

Limonene is another common terpene found in cannabis strains with a citrusy aroma. It is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties, helping to reduce pain and inflammation.

What Effects Does the Sundae Driver Strain Have?

The Sundae Driver high begins gradually, ridding your mind of all undesirable ideas and easing stress and anxiety. It gently lifts the spirit, lulling you into an ecstatic frame of mind and encouraging serenity, happiness, and unadulterated delight.

With the onset of cerebral effects, the high gently descends from the head, progressively relaxing the body inch by inch until it becomes as light as a feather. When consumption is modest, the high lasts a little longer in the muscles and joints, providing the user with a genuinely balanced sensation.

You could take another puff at this moment to lull yourself into a restful nap, or you could wait and let the gravity of the human experience gradually reassert itself, bringing you back to the present and returning to reality. Whatever happens, Sundae Driver is unquestionably a fun experience.

What Conditions is the Sundae Driver Strain Good For?

Sundae Driver offers a lot of medical effects, like many Indica strains. The powerful body buzz and euphoric head high are beneficial for anything from stress to inflammation.

Stress, tense muscles, and headaches are all associated with pain brought on by inflammation. This inflammation can be reduced using Sundae Driver, lessening discomfort.

The head high relieves tension. The euphoric, uplifting effects of Sundae Driver can assist in reducing the intensity of stressful events, making them easier to handle. In rare circumstances, this strain can completely minimize tension. The intense enjoyment and giddiness of the euphoria may assist with alleviating symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder and sadness.

Ultimately, there is a light soothing effect as the euphoria fades. Those who struggle with insomnia may benefit from this in getting the rest they need.

What is the Sundae Drive Strain Flowering Time?

Sundae Driver flowers in roughly 7 or 9 weeks when grown indoors. When grown outdoors, Sundae Driver should be harvested in the northern hemisphere in early to mid-October.

It’s recommended to avoid hurrying your plants out of the vegetative stage because fully grown plants, like most purple strains, can take longer than usual. If not, they might not fully develop and risk developing into hermaphrodites.

Compared to other cannabis strains, Sundae Driver is considered a short-flowering strain. This means that you can get a harvest more quickly, which can be beneficial if you need to produce a large amount of product in a short amount of time.


Its combination of indica and Sativa genetics make it an excellent option for day and night use, with a pleasant balance of cerebral and physical effects. Its sweet, dessert-like flavor and aroma provide an extra layer of enjoyment, making it perfect for those looking for an enjoyable, flavorful experience. With its combination of effects and delicious flavor, the Sundae Driver strain is a great choice for anyone looking for a pleasant and unique high.

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