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Wondering where to buy marijuana seeds online or near me? Seeds can be purchased either online or in person through a local dispensary. Knowing the best seed banks to order from can be the difference from an average harvest and your best harvest yet.

A huge number of websites offer marijuana seeds, and it can be difficult for a new buyer to decide who to buy from, which seeds to order, how to pay, and more. This article will discuss the best methods for purchasing seeds online or in person so that you can safely make a quality marijuana seed purchase without added stress.

Although the legality of selling marijuana seeds has historically been muddy, the 2018 Farm bill set a new legal definition of hemp as any cannabis product containing less than 0.3% delta-9 THC by dry weight. By this definition, cannabis seeds are considered a hemp product and can be purchased and shipped without federal intervention. 

However, checking your state laws before making a purchase is highly recommended, since germinating your seeds into cannabis plants is still regulated or outright illegal in many parts of the country, and seeds are still occasionally confiscated when sent through mail. Although owning seeds is legal in most cases, your state may specify that the seeds can only be used for certain purposes, such as collecting or using as bird food or fish bait. 

Additionally, it is not recommended to purchase seeds from banks that ship from outside the US. Marijuana seeds are likely to be seized by customs if found, and you will have no legal recourse if something goes wrong during the transaction. 

Buy Marijuana Seeds Near Me

If you live in a state where medical or recreational marijuana is legal, you may be able to purchase seeds locally from a dispensary. Some, but not all, dispensaries carry seeds, so it may be useful to call ahead to see if a dispensary stocks seeds before visiting in person.

Although seeds do not contain THC like flower or edibles, you will likely still need to be 21 and have a valid form of ID to enter the dispensary and purchase anything. If you are in a medical use only state this will likely include a med card.

Seed selection in a dispensary will be more limited than purchasing from a seed bank online. However, buying seeds in person will allow you to inspect the seeds and ask questions before purchase. In addition, you will not need to worry about the legality of shipping seeds to your location.

Buy Marijuana Clones Near Me

Because marijuana clones do contain greater than 0.3% THC by volume, they cannot be transported across state lines or purchased in states without legal cannabis programs. If you live in a recreational or medical state, however, you may be able to purchase clones from a dispensary.

Similar to buying seeds, it is best to call ahead before your visit, since not all dispensaries carry clones. If they do have clones in stock, they will likely be of only a small number of strains. Be sure to inspect the clones for signs of disease, and ask any questions you have about their care before taking them home.

While clones are somewhat more expensive and less widely available for sale than marijuana seeds, they can save you considerable time and hassle by allowing you to skip the germination period. Even with reputable seed banks, some seeds in each order may be damaged, infertile, or develop into weak seedlings. 

Buy Marijuana Seeds Online

When selecting seedbank, you may consider whether they offer discreet shipping, or replacements for seeds lost or confiscated during shipping. Some banks will also offer replacements or refunds for seeds that fail to germinate or arrive damaged.

Although purchasing from a US based seed bank tends to be less risky, many international seed banks will offer to replace your order free of charge if it is seized by customs.

Best USA Marijuana Seed Banks

Ideally, you will purchase seeds from a seed bank that ships from within the US to avoid issues with customs. Below you will find information on a few of the most reputable American seed banks. 


ILGM, which stands for I Love Growing Marijuana, is a large seed bank with warehouses in both Amsterdam and California. ILGM has a large selection of both feminized and autoflowering seeds which can be further sorted into categories such as: high THC, fast growing, beginner friendly, small size, outdoor, and many more. 

ILGM supports payments in card, bitcoin, ACH, cash, check, and more. They offer free shipping in discreet packaging with a 100% germination guarantee on their products. Because of its large number of payment options, free shipping, and product guarantees, ILGM is one of the easiest seed banks to buy from.

Seed Supreme

Founded in 2013 in California, SeedSupreme is a seed aggregator that offers seeds from over 100 breeders. SeedSupreme has a collection of over 4,000 seed strains including both feminized and autoflowering strains. They boast a large variety of landrace strains and other hard to find seeds.

Seed Supreme mainly uses Bitcoin for payments, although they will also accept alternative cryptocurrencies as well as ACH, cash app, mesh, zelle, and cash or check by mail. Shipping is discreet and may be free with a large enough order. 

Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Homegrown Cannabis Co is a small seed bank based out of Michigan founded by cannabis master grower Kyle Kushman. Although they offer just 450+ strains compared to the thousands offered by some larger banks, Homegrown Cannabis Co is committed to selling only the highest quality American marijuana seeds.

Homegrown Cannabis Co also offers many videos and articles on how to grow marijuana, as well as a unique vegan line of cannabis nutrients. They have a safe delivery and 100% germination guarantee, as well as free shipping for orders over $115. Wholesale pricing is available on request for orders off 100+ seeds.

Like other seed banks on this list, Homegrown Cannabis Co accepts a wide variety of payment methods including card, Bitcoin, Zillo, ACH, or cash/check in envelope. 


Seedsman is a large seed bank founded in 2002 with warehouses in the US, Spain, and the UK. Seedsman breeds their own seeds as well as offering seeds from over 100 independent breeders. This means that they have a massive number of seeds on offer, at around 4,400 strains.

For US orders, Seedsman accepts Bitcoin, Cashapp, Zelle, ACH transfers, or cash in envelope. For European customers, they have additional card options available.

Seedsman does not offer free shipping, but they do have regular sales and freebies for bulk orders, as well as special wholesale offers for those buying more than 200 seeds at a time. 

How to Pay for Marijuana Seeds

When buying seeds online from US vendors, you will likely have the option to pay with a credit/debit card or paypal. This is often the easiest way to pay, although some cards may block transactions for marijuana seeds.

If your card declines the transaction, or you are worried about anonymity in your purchase, most seed banks will allow you to pay with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, or even with mobile payment services like cash app or venmo. Seeds purchased internationally will almost always ask for payment in cryptocurrency.

 Do not mail cash to a seed bank as payment. This method was popular years ago before online payment methods became more advanced, but it is far more risky for the buyer than paying online.

Autoflower vs Feminized vs Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are photoperiod seeds with approximately equal numbers of male and female plants. These are typically used for breeding purposes, as male plants cannot produce cannabis flowers. If you purchase “regular” seeds for your grow, you will need to purchase at 3-4 times as many seeds as adult female plants you want to end up with, then kill off or move the male plants out of the grow area once they are old enough to sort by sex.

Feminized seeds are photoperiod seeds that have been bred to remove male genetic material. The vast majority of these seeds will develop into female plants.

Autoflower cannabis plants are those that have been genetically modified to flower without changes in lighting conditions. They flower on a set internal schedule and develop faster than photoperiod plants. However, they also have smaller yields than photoperiod plants since they are faster to reach maturity.

How Much Do Marijuana Seeds Cost?

A single Marijuana seed can cost anywhere between $2 and $50+ depending on the rarity of the seed and the number of seeds ordered. Feminized seeds tend to cost more than regular seeds, but this cost difference tends to even out when you consider that you will need to purchase fewer seeds if they are all female. 

Many seed banks will also offer discounts on bulk orders, and some may throw in free seeds with orders of a certain size. For home growers, you can expect to pay $7-12 per seed for feminized or autoflower seeds of reasonable quality.

Which Marijuana Seeds to Order?

If this is your first grow, start with an easy to grow strain like northern lights or white widow. Autoflower plants are the easiest for beginners, since they do not need a change in lighting conditions to flower. If you want to grow photoperiod plants, be sure the seeds you buy are feminized so you won’t have to worry about removing the males.

It is reasonable for a beginner to assume that 5-10% of your seeds will fail to germinate, and a further 10% of seedlings will fail to reach adulthood. For this reason, try to calculate how many adult plants your grow room can hold, then add a few more seeds to account for loss.


For the most part, seed sellers in the US offer a large number of payment options and discreet packaging that is rarely investigated during shipping. Although cannabis seeds contain low THC levels and are not technically illegal, they cannot be imported, making international seed orders much more likely to be confiscated than domestic orders.

Many reputable seed banks exist within the US, although some high quality recommendations include ILGM, Seedsman, SeedSupreme, and Homegrown Cannabis Co. Each of these seed banks offers a large number of high quality photoperiod and feminized strains and strong customer service.

When buying marijuana seeds online or in person, it is important to read up on local laws, accepted payment methods, delivery methods, and available strains. Be sure to ask any questions you might have before paying for the seeds, either in person at a dispensary or through phone or email for online purchases.

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